Facts:  broken neck (no paralysis), bruises, concussion, broken ribs, collapsed lung.  She bought a brand new home on 5 acres of land. Is living very happily and is set for life now.

Facts:  wrongful death due a faulty vehicle.  Liability not clear. Settled out of court.

Facts:  teenage boy killed when he ran a red light and hit by a truck.  Client actually determined to be at fault.  Settled out of court.

Facts: auto accident with two injured plaintiffs.  Our client had broken ribs, fractured pelvis, slightly lacerated liver, soft tissue injuries settled without lawsuit for policy limits.  The other injured party claimed serious injuries and was represented by another attorney. That plaintiff did not receive near what our client did.

Facts:  wrongful death due to a faulty vehicle.  Liability not clear.  Settled out of court for policy limits.

Facts:  child client sustained an inch wide burn on top of her head by hot grease at a bowling alley.  Full recovery.  No visible scarring.  Liability questionable. Settled at mediation.
Facts:   client T-boned in his vehicle.  Fractured femur, soft tissue injuries.  Settled with no lawsuit for policy limits.

Facts: car accident.  Vehicle totalled.  Fractured femur and right shoulder sprain, soft tissue injuries.  Settled without a lawsuit for policy limits.

Facts: pedestrian stepped into traffic, was struck and killed.  Car couldn’t avoid hitting

client.  Zero liability.  Settled without lawsuit for policy limits.

Facts:  pedestrian bitten by a dog by the curb of a private residence..  Stitches in leg.
Settled for policy limits without lawsuit.

Facts:  pedestrian parked on the side of the road.  Foot run over by a car.  Ankle fracture.
Liability questionable.  Some negligence on the part of client in failing to keep
a proper lookout.  Settled without lawsuit.

Facts:  mentally challenged boy left unattended by parents steps in front of a car and is hit.
Closed foot fracture and head laceration.  Zero liabillity on the part of the vehicle.
Settled without lawsuit for policy limits.

Facts:  clients involved in a non-severe car accident.  Soft tissue injuries only.  No broken
bones.  Settled without lawsuit for $30,000 and $45,000, respectively.

REE LAW, L.L.C. has achieved settlements/verdicts in numerous cases for policy limits.  The above are only a few of them.