We never had to wonder what was going on or what he was doing.
— K. I.
From the moment I met Andy, he was kind, sincere, and understanding. Nothing like I thought a lawyer could ever be.
— K. T.
Because of his work on my behalf, I am now financially set for the rest of my life.
— K. T.


Testimonial: K. T. Auto Accident Case

“I was involved in a severe car accident that almost took my life. I didn’t know what to do or where to go for help. Then my insurance agent, of all people, told me about Andrew, or Andy as I know him. That surprised me because insurance agents usually steer people away from attorneys and here she was telling me that I couldn’t go wrong with him. She said he will take good care of you and will do the best job for you.”


Testimonial: M. I. Auto Accident

“I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver that left me with serious injuries. I suffered broken bones, bruising, and had to go through months of rehabilitation. Before my accident, I was a field supervisor and loved my job because it allowed me to be active. The accident left me miserable as I couldn’t do the same things I could do so easily before the accident.”


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Over $60 Million recovered for our clients!

Facts:  broken neck (no paralysis), bruises, concussion, broken ribs, collapsed lung.  She bought a brand new home on 5 acres of land. Is living very happily and is set for life now.

Facts: auto accident with two injured plaintiffs.  Our client settled without lawsuit for policy limits.  The other injured party claimed serious injuries and was represented by another attorney. That plaintiff did not receive near what our client did.