Testimonial: K. T. Auto Accident Case


I was involved in a severe car accident that almost took my life.  I didn’t know what to do or where to go for help.  Then my insurance agent, of all people, told me about Andrew, or Andy as I know him.  That surprised me because insurance agents usually steer people away from attorneys and here she was telling me that I couldn’t go wrong with him.  She said he will take good care of you and will do the best job for you.  She told me he was the only honest and good lawyer she knew.  It was the best advice that I ever got.

From the moment I met Andy, he was kind, sincere, and understanding.  Nothing like I thought a lawyer could ever be. He seemed genuinely concerned about my health and physical condition more than anything.  He sat down with me and explained the entire process to me and told me what I could expect.  He gave me the worst case scenario and the best case scenario.   He also told me that if I wasn’t comfortable with him, I was under no obligation to hire him.  He wanted to make sure that I understood everything and that I had no questions.  He made me feel confident and reassured.  As I got to know him more, that confidence and reassurance only got stronger.

The end result of my case was so much more than I could have ever hoped for.  I couldn’t believe the result I got from Andy’s representation.  Because of his work on my behalf, I am now financially set for the rest of my life.  And best of all, Andy and I still stay in touch.  He still calls me every year on my birthday and has been there for my family and me ever since.   Andy is more than just a lawyer to me.  He is family and has always made me feel like family to him as well.  I never knew that a lawyer could be so good at what he does and be so nice at the same time.  I will be forever grateful to Andy for saving my life at a time when I had no hope.  I love him to death and have recommended him to everyone I know. Everyone should have that one person he or she can count on no matter what.  Andy has been that someone for my family and me.