Car Accident Quiz

Now, here are some KEY points to remember when you get into a car accident:

True or False?

If you have been hit by someone else, you should always have the police come out and do a report no matter how minor the accident.

Answer: True! 

You should absolutely always have the police come out and take a report of any accident you are involved in that is NOT your fault, no matter how minor you may think the damages/injuries are.  Never take the word of the other driver when he/she says “I’ll take care of it.”  It’s always better to have a written document as evidence that tells what happened at the time it happened.  The police report will likely provide you with all the information you need to locate the at fault party’s insurance information and set up a claim in your case should you never hear from that driver again.

I should try to negotiate with the insurance company first to settle my claim on my own and if it doesn’t work out, I can always hire a lawyer then.

Answer: False! 

Negotiating with the insurance company on your own is NOT a good idea.  They deal with hundreds of cases everyday and have the knowledge, experience and legal backing to run circles around you.  And no matter how nice the insurance adjuster you talk to is, the insurance companies are NOT your friend.  Going against the insurance company without a lawyer is like going to war with little to no ammunition in your gun.  Hiring a lawyer will level the playing field and often stack the deck in your favor.

Because insurance is so expensive, I should try to get by with as little coverage as possible.

Answer: False! 

Whenever possible, you should always try to get full coverage on any automobile you own (the only exception may be if you have a really old car that you would be willing to walk away from if it suddenly died).  Full coverage is very important if you get hit by someone who has no insurance or not enough insurance.  In those instances, uninsured motorist coverage can save the day for you.  It is also a good idea to purchase medical payments coverage on any automobile policy you have.  In Georgia, medpay coverage may be a life saver as it pays for medical bills, no matter who is at fault.  And in Georgia, it is often “free money” in that you may not have to pay it back to your insurance company.   But you must ask your insurance agent about medpay as it is often a separate rider option that you must sign off on.  If you don’t ask, your insurance agent may not tell you about it.

When choosing an attorney to represent me, it is always better to use a name that you hear everyday.

Answer: False!

  It is almost never a good idea to rely on television commercials alone when hiring an attorney.  We strongly suggest that you hire an attorney that comes recommended to you by someone who used that attorney.  If you don’t know of anyone who has used an attorney and don’t know where to begin, we suggest that you interview a few attorneys before you decide to hire one.  Remember, the attorney you hire will be your eyes, your ears, and your mouth as he handles your case.  So be very careful that you make the right decision.  Speak with the attorney.  Find out if he/she is your kind of person.  You can usually tell a lot about a person (his/her honesty, integrity, experience, personality level) within the first five minutes of a conversation.  Make sure that the lawyer you are talking to is really listening to you and your concerns about your case.  And above all, make sure that you come away from that conversation with a REALISTIC understanding of what your expectation level should be based on the facts of your specific case.

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insurance companies are NOT your friend, not even your own. They are often the first ones to want to penalize you if you miss one premium payment and the last ones to want to help you when you need them the most.